I Am…

grafton robinson in desert

One of the things I am is loathe to write a personal bio, but you’re here, so I’ll deliver what I promise.

Professionally, I run a marketing agency that focuses on sustainable marketing for startups. I help mission-driven startups create meaningful growth (or increase efficiency) with strategies that last.

Before I launched SafariGrowth, I worked with high-growth startups and Fortune 500s. I led marketing departments, I was the first marketing hire, and I’ve presented to people that have more personal wealth than I could accumulate in many lifetimes. That doesn’t excite me (note: anxiety and excitement are not the same).

What does excite me is using business and community to create a better world. This means working with businesses that don’t just want to beat their competitors, but want to be better corporate citizens. That means keeping a small environmental footprint, delighting customers, and treating employees well, among other things. It means prioritizing profit to the degree necessary to exist and thrive, but not above principle.

The phrase “it’s not personal, it’s just business” annoys me to no end. All business is personal. Your customers are people. Your coworkers and colleagues are people. Even your competitors are people. Hell, in American, even businesses are people.

Personally, I’m taking up surfing, I love hiking and the outdoors, and I’m most interested in how we think about digital citizenship, privacy, and our attention.